I Miss Windows, Yeah Right

Security experts are warning computer users about the rise in the number of compromised sites redirecting to a scareware website. When I was using Internet Explorer back in my Windows XP days, my encounter with websites warning me that my computer is compromised occurs almost daily. These websites offer anti-virus solutions if you click a link. Once you do that, the least of your worry would be a virus laden pc.

It’s not just this category of security problems that harass Windows users in a daily basis. To think that 90% of computers in the world use a Microsoft operating system, makes you wonder how much would end users tolerate until their patience break. Is Windows and its siblings so great an operating system that people are willing to put up with their pc problems? What about the high ratio of maintenance time? Instead of doing my work and accomplishing what computers are suppose to do, I had to run defrag. I had to run my anti-virus software. Conservatively, I was spending 40-45 percent of my computing time in doing administrative jobs rather than finishing research or writing that book I bought the laptop for.

The security software industry is a billion dollar business built on the design mistakes of Windows. This figure only includes the legitimate entities offering real solutions and does not include the scams and the scarewares. If this is any other product it would be buried six feet under the ground.

Instead I will hear people ask if there are any alternatives. The answer to that is a big yes. The most notable is Apple’s OS X. I happen to be a Linux user and a believer in free and open software. I give you Linux as a noteworthy challenger to Windows in the desktop. I am using Ubuntu Linux since 2006. Me? Miss Windows? Yeah, right.


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