Google Chrome OS: Cloud Computing’s First Salvo

Google Chrome OS is a unique operating system. Hardware wise it compels us to use solid state drives SSD’s to catch up with the fast boot up and application speed required by the software. It doesn’t have applications stored locally, instead all applications are going to come from the web. Hence, cloud computing.

Google Chrome OS assumes resilient connection to the web. It assumes always on, always connected machines to the web. The bandwidth speed of internet connections are going to be a factor in the success of this proposition. May I say that there’s a lot of assumptions there.

Google Chrome OS is doing the right thing but will it succeed. When I say the "right thing" I mean this is what the future of computing "should" be. Services are stored and maintained in dedicated servers for all who want to use them. All that a user has to have is a device that connects to the web. If (or when) cloud computing succeeds it will render desktop operating systems obsolete. Cloud computing will bring back the days of the computer as an appliance.


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