How Can You Not Get Ubuntu?

Three years ago, I consider it a personal accomplishment when I finished installing Ubuntu. I am fed up with Microsoft’s Genuine *something so I googled operating systems, linux and then Ubuntu. Actually I was reading the Red Hat Website before this. I figured why not be bold and try something I have not even heard before.

I am not a professional IT person, nor a power user and I have no experience in using Linux. I do love computers and I believe that the Internet is the future. I believe strongly that no company or group or committee should be able to hold sway the door to that future in behalf of another person no matter how benevolent. At that time I have no knowledge of open source or free libre software much less Richard Stallman nor Linus Torvalds.

I just want something NOT Microsoft.

I found what I was looking for in a community developed open source operating system called Ubuntu-in spades.

The Home version of Windows XP cost me 1,600 ps. Most users get their windows pre-installed. I installed the operating system, the drivers and downloaded the updates. I spent about a week getting my desktop ready. After 5 months, I come home to a computer that’s locked down with a message that I was using an unauthorized version of Windows XP.

I get Ubuntu from the Internet every six months. I do a fresh install every six months. I have my data on a separate partition to do this safely. This is now becoming a bi-annual tradition. A tradition that keeps reminding me that I should not take my freedom for granted.


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