A Note If The Upgrade Goes Bad

I wrote this note because I was concerned my upgrade will result in something unsatisfactory. So I’m publishing this to embarrass people like me who are sceptical. Also I want to explain what pushed me from a clean install to an update-manager route.

Sun May. 02, 2010

I ran update-manager yesterday but the download got interrupted so I resumed the upgrade this morning. I called Smartbro last night and their call center is being swamped by calls. Well, they have problems being a weekend and all. People are going to need their computers to connect.

Anyway, update-manager just finished downloading the packages for the new Ubuntu version. It is now in the installation phase. I am doing the distribution upgrade because I can’t move my cd/dvd drive to work. My operating system is unable to detect it, or just freezes when burning the image to a perfectly ok blank cd. I even bought a brand new cd/dvd rewritable drive to replace what might turn out to be a perfectly ok Asus drive for all I know.

The upgrade took 1,494 packages from the Ubuntu servers. It is now installing them. It tells me it will take an hour and 5 minutes. Let’s see.


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