The Tunguska Event

A very large explosion in the sky over the Krasnoyarsk Krai region, Siberia, Russia happened on 7:17 am (local) June 30, 1908. Years later russian investigators found large areas of toppled trees and burnt forests plus eyewitness accounts of a glow bright enough to be mistaken for the sun.

What we know…

A russian expedition found a zone of scorched trees around 8 km. across. The same expedition found no impact crater. Eyewitness accounts tell of a loud sound and a bright glow above the forest. The zone of burnt forest is consistent with the effects of a nuclear explosion in the magnitude of 20 megatons (1 hiroshima) of TNT.


The leading theory as to what happened in Tunguska is generally held by most scientists in the world. There was a meteor penetration of our atmosphere. The meteor which survived the heat of entry exploded above the surface causing the effects documented in Tunguska.

Other theories include methane or natural gas explosion, a black hole and a crash of an alien spaceship.


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