1408, A Review

What do you do when you’re forced to face all the things you want to forget? 

Mike Enslin is a writer trying to finish his book about haunted hotels and the supernatural.  His father was skeptical about his talents and believed that he is just wasting his time.  Subsequently, his young daughter died and there was the divorce.  All these personal tragedies took its toll on the writer.  So here he is in the Dolphin Hotel in New York researching what would be the last chapter of the haunted hotel book. 

John Cusack plays Mike Enslin and Mary McCormack as wife, Lily.  I find it amusing that he also plays a writer in 2012, a movie which did better in the boxoffice.  Samuel L Jackson plays the hotel manager, complete with beard and white hair.

1408 is not your typical horror movie.  Somewhere behind it is Stephen King who wrote the short story in which the movie is based.  I like the way the director Mikael Hafstrom stayed with the story.  No overblown special effects.  He managed to tell a very human tale around a haunted hotel room.

Mike Enslin stayed at room 1408, an evil room because once you close the door behind you it won’t let you go.  He could have chosen what all those before him had done.  They tried to escape, leap off the ledge, cut their wrist and drown in the bathtub.  Instead, he chose to face his tragedies and in the process found his way back to his daughter and his wife’s heart. 


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