Scammers exploit viral video of girl falling into fountain while texting | Naked Security

Scammers are using social networks for its ease of penetration. If one of your friends click on a link, wouldn’t you trust that link too? Is it the end of LINKS in social networks? Just remember the basics folks.

Links are better than using pdf files or images. Why?

When you use links you can tell your recipients WHAT the link is all about, WHERE the link will transfer them if they click, WHY they should click.

Obviously as recipients when you don’t see your friend’s link at the other end, we conclude this as bogus period. Fail. Don’t proceed. Just close the tab.

The problem with Portable Document Format PDF is it is the favorite platform for exploits and attacks. Same with image files. This is why your email clients strip email messages of images. It’s not safe. And be careful with opening pdf attachments.

Don’t click links that doesn’t tell you WHAT, WHERE AND WHY. I could tell you the story about the time my friend wanted me to jump and follow him into the river but I think you know where this is going.


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