Dropping Autoposts

Blogging owes, in my opinion, its resurgence to blogging sites offering the ease of automatic posting to bloggers. Automatic posting or autoposting is an opt-in feature to forward my post to my other blogs (or to twitter and facebook). Obviously if this feature is enabled over your network of blogs, a hacker can take over your entire network by hacking one blog site. Don’t make it easy for them to do that. So I’m dropping autopost in Amplify and Posterous.

The contrary opinion comes from those espousing ease of use, convenience and the speed by which you can disseminate your words out there. Certainly, this argument is most logical and strong in light of the use of social media in the Tunisian and Egyptian models. Even as I consider my blogs among the masses, I’m not about to drop security in favor of ease of use. That would be a foolish trade.

In any case, I am watching current improvements in security in blog sites and in browsing in general.


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