Top Ten Countries Dependent On Nuclear Power

The exposed vulnerability of nuclear plants to seismic activity is underscored as the Fukushima nuclear reactors struggle to properly shutdown. The plant workers are really in a battle to gain control of that process and doing so without loosing containment. The drama between the lines here is that Japan is the only country to suffer from the use of nuclear weapons during the second world war. Japan relies on nuclear power to generate 30 percent of its electricity. But do you know that Japan is not even in the top ten countries dependent on nuclear power?

1-France(75 percent)
2-Slovakia(55 percent)
3-Belgium(54 percent)
4-Ukraine(48 percent)
5-Sweden(42 percent)
6-South Korea(40 percent)
7-Switzerland(40 percent)
8-Slovenia(40 percent)
9-Armenia(39 percent)
0-Hungary(37 percent)

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
by: Jezzdk


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