Expert Reviews: Ubuntu Fastest OS

Expert Reviews explain their benchmarking software here.

The benchmark used an iMac with a quad core Intel i5-760 processor and a 128 GB SSD. The 64-bit version of the operating systems were used.

Expert Reviews benchmarks concludes that Ubuntu 10.10 is the fastest operating system. They took exception of Ubuntu’s performance in multi-tasking.

As an Ubuntu user myself, I can’t help but agree with the results of this tests. Ubuntu is an excellent operating system. If Ubuntu or linux for that matter has a weakness, it is the matter of proprietary drivers and in this case I blame the drivers. That’s why I am heartened to read about the progress of Nouveau which is the open source project to produce a graphics driver capable of 3D acceleration with performance comparable to its proprietary parallels. What’s the status of Nouveau is dependent on the Linux kernel development. So far it shows its potential if you are using the latest, linux-2.6.39 kernel, which is still under development.


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