A lot of people use Google Chrome or…

A lot of people use Google Chrome (or Chromium) like me. A lot of people use Xmarks to synchronize their bookmarks, tabs and history across several computers. Finally, a lot of people use different browsers and  are using Xmarks to sync data over these browsers. I am looking at you.

There is an issue with Xmarks performing sync in Google Chrome. It’s unable to resolve issues with data duplicates. Xmarks issued a new version of Xmarks addon and yours should now be 1.0.14.

If you are still encountering error messages regarding this issue please try this. In your Google Chrome, go to the down arrow (right beside the wrench icon) and select the Xmarks settings.


Run Setup Wizard. Run it. Essentially, you are re-setting the addon for this browser. And that will solve the annoying error message.


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