Transmission is the Bittorrent client for Ubuntu ever…

Transmission is the Bittorrent client for Ubuntu ever since I first learned how to use the technology. It is running in natty at version 2.13. Don’t get me wrong. It runs fast and it is light and simple to use. For users with limited bandwidth like me, it is annoying to use (before). It would hug all the available bandwidth rendering all other applications useless. I can’t do any browsing or email clients hang when I have to multi-task these activities.


NOT anymore!

Transmission 2.13 is the definitive upgrade I have been waiting for. I guess they finally put auto-bandwidth detection to work because it definitely changes the way I do multi-task now. Firefox 4.0 and Evolution is open (as well as Empathy and Gwibber) and none of them are complaining about bandwidth. And no it isn’t my internet connection. I’m still using the same crappy ISP.

It is such fun to be able to leave my torrents downloading and uploading in the background and still do my other web activities. One more good reason why you should upgrade.


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