Osama bin Laden Dead

Michael Shear advises us not to play poker with David Gates and POTUS, Barack Obama. Both men are laughing with the White House Correspondents at a Sunday party but hours after they are part of the national security team who are going to watch a raid to kill America’s Public Enemy no. 1, Osama bin Laden.

A strike team made up of Intelligence officers from the CIA and US Navy SEALS landed by helicopter in a sprawling compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. They killed four other people plus Osama bin Laden. They identified him through photographs and DNA test. They took his body and buried him at sea.

News of al queda’s leader’s death was answered with a collective sigh of relief not just by Americans but by the world. There were spontaneous gatherings at New York Memorial of the 911 and the White House. After the thousands of lives lost in invading Iraq and Afghanistan, it was old fashion detective work, interrogations and high tech surveillance which led Americans to Osama bin Laden inside Pakistan.


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