An Old Skill Comes To The Fore

If you happen to be geek, there’s a lot to like about Unity. It invests heavily in keyboard shortcuts, a strategy that arguably makes window management more efficient than in any other desktop interface I’ve ever used — provided you learn the hotkeys.

From the VAR guy


I have been using Ubuntu 11.04 since early April before it was released as Final. It struck me that the developers made Unity specifically for ‘keyboard’ mode users. What I realized early on is that without typist skill and utilizing keyboard shortcuts I can’t make 11.04 work for me with efficiency. What other users are shaking their heads over is the fact that you have to make extra clicks just to get where you want to go. This is not happening to me mainly because I use and depend on the keyboard and the OS keyboard shortcuts since I began using Ubuntu. I am a great fan of keyboard shortcuts and I’ve been typing my way through my work and blogs the way they taught me in high school-all ten fingers on the keyboard.


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