Linux Rant (just this once)

Don’t click links from unknown sources in your email.
Don’t download anti-virus software you encountered while browsing something else.
Update the software you’re using.
Delete away software you’re not using.
I guess this is why I think Chrome OS is a good idea. The idea here is an operating system that’s kept in the cloud. Every time you boot into this OS it checks the system files. No rootkits right there. If Google wants to work a security patch, it’s done in the background. If you’ve been using it a while and suddenly you feel paranoid about the computer, all you have to do is re-boot and accept the ‘cloud’ version instead of your local OS.

Lately, a bunch of companies with business models anchored in the cloud got their security broken. There are a lot of security issues with cloud services. There are a lot of privacy issues with cloud services. Many of these services were not thought through very well. I don’t have the level of technical knowledge to judge these services initially and so I find myself using them and then finding out I’m in trouble. All I can do is follow the discussion and then look out for me. Learn from the mistakes and be the better user for it.

I came from Windows and so I know how users can end up not trusting their computers anymore. That is a very sad day. Luckily, I learned about Linux. I know about Apple but I have to buy a new hardware to get the Mac and it doesn’t feel right  that I have to pay for security and privacy when I already have pc’s. I mean it’s looking a lot like the Mafia and Al Capone if you know what I mean.

I now use Linux. I really like the culture that comes with embracing this operating system. Linux doesn’t hide its internals. It’s unapologetic about giving you text commands and keyboard shortcuts to use. These pushes you to be a more informed user and if you’re like me, seek help from the community. When you are in the minority, finding other Linux users in the thousands make you a lot more confident. Actually it’s the exchange of knowledge that made me a better computer user.

I think you should do Linux right.
Steep learning curve? Learning linux is fun.
Too many choices of linux distros? Since when is choice wrong.
My favorite application doesn’t work in Linux. Linux is not Windows. I thought I won’t be able to replace MS Office. I am now almost embarrassed to say that because I am typing this rant using LibreOffice.


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