My Ubuntu Desktop Over the Years

I started manipulating the panels and fonts.

While this is a year later with Ubuntu 8.10.


I got a brand new computer at this time with Nvidia 8500 GeForce  and my desktop feels solid and nimble.
The Gnome 2.32 desktop environment is at its most mature. I guess if there’s such a thing as the golden year of Gnome this is it.

The next big thing to happen to the Ubuntu desktop is Canonical’s best move in terms of leaving its mark on the desktop. It’s the coming of the Ubuntu font. Although the next image doesn’t have the Ubuntu font, it was a good illustration of what an appropriate font can do to a desktop.


This is Ubuntu 9.04 with URW Gothic font at 11 pts. I am using the Dust Sand theme here.

Another area of changes and improvement is the evolution of icons and icon sets. I am using a mash up of icons in this next image.


This is Ubuntu 9.10.

The next evolution of the Ubuntu desktop defines elegance and style. It is one of the most stable I’ve used and Ubuntu 10.04 would be singled out by any Ubuntu fan as memorable.


This is Ubuntu 10.04, the Long Term Support LTS version of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 10.10 will feature the Ubuntu font by default and finally bring out its default themes: Ambiance and Radiance.


This is Ubuntu 10.10


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