Clementine It Is

I’m staying with Clementine after trying several other alternative in the media player application category. I tried Rhythmbox and Banshee simultaneously at one time. Rhythmbox feels so under featured right now that I’d rather use CMUS. In fact I have used CMUS at one one-week period of this try-out. I enjoy playing this command line controlled media player without fuss and with minimal resources for hours on end.

Banshee is the one time Ubuntu favorite media application. I always find something to be annoyed when using Banshee. Failing to start, Dbus problems, extension failures/incompatibility. I can’t get internet radio to work or fetch stations (Rhythmbox trumps Banshee in this category). Banshee’s feature set is exactly what I want out of a desktop media player. So the search continues.

Clementine is based on Amarok-1.4 and it uses Qt. (Banshee uses mono and Rhythmbox uses Gtk). Most of the features I like in Banshee has an equivalent on Clementine. But the execution, that’s the difference. Fetching album art is an example. Banshee do it pretty much under the covers. No option for the user to intervene in case of failure or wrong album cover art. And what if I just want a different album cover?

Clementine’s solution is a Cover Art manager with image search and the user gets to choose.

It has default radio stations prefetched. It has Shoutcast, live365. and Icecast. It has and again the execution. You can ‘loved’ a track right in the window dash. You can program playback based on your personal stat. Like Banshee, Clementine is cross platform.



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