Playing With Arch Linux

I have Ubuntu 11.10 and Arch in a dual boot setup. Most of the time I use Arch because it’s faster and applications feels nimble. Gnome in Arch doesn’t slow down after hours of use. The feel is light all around.

But now and again there are bumps in the road. I usually have Banshee playing tunes while I work. I just upgraded to the 2.4 release yesterday. Songs suddenly halting randomly. Turns out it’s my hard drives. So I went and use fsck on the partition. I did a $shutdown -rF now and enter.

Arch failed on the automatic fsck and instead handed manual repair to the user, me. So I log to root and run fsck -f -p /dev/sdb3 to force check of the partition. It runs and returns a clean partition.

The next time I boot Arch, it runs automatic fsck again and fails and hands manual repair to me again. I tried to skip it and reboot. Does it again. It only goes as far as udev and fails at mounting the filesystem.

Some google solutions I tried are appending fastboot in grub and editing /etc/fstab. They don’t work for me. I’m seriously thinking using the system rescue CD to repair the installation.

What do you think?


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