New Theme Installed

I got to the point when all the application I needed to do my work is in place. Arch linux with GNOME is ready for some alternative look. Formerly I have drakfire but I was looking for a light theme. But before I install a theme I downloaded faenza icons and its themes from deviant-art site.

Using the Gnome-tweak-tool (installed beforehand) I went to the Gnome-extensions site and enable the User-theme extension.

Then I downloaded the Faenza icons and extracted it to the ~/.icons directory. I then switched the icon selector in gnome-tweak-tool to faenza.

This is the icons as it appears in the dash-applications.

This is the alternate wallpaper I switched to. Elementary theme for the Gnome-shell. I also have the system-monitor applet in the panel.(via AUR)

I figured I should have a dark theme (Adwaita) and the light theme (Elementary). Great job for the GNOME people – GNOME 3.4.x


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