Troubleshooting Some Problems

I got this nebulous challenge about my webcam. It seems in Ubuntu 13.10, the webcam decides on its own when it wants to work. I use it on my skype calls with Mother. I also use it once or twice in Google hangouts with friends. I downloaded cheese just to test if it works fine. It works off and on in a span of one session. How do you figure this one out?

The unity panels crashes often or it’s missing icons now and then.

The Thunderbird email application has rendering issues. Some texts goes white and turns back on after I move over my mouse. The lightning add-on stopped working the other day. I assumed it’s Google Calendar refusing to give it permission or it’s down. I happen to find the solution to this problem from the ubuntu forums. It seems the latest version of the add-on doesn’t work in linux. The solution is to revert to an older version of the add-on. I had to disable the automatic update for the add-ons unfortunately.

Equalizer plugin for Rhythmbox doesn’t work for version 2.99.1. The albumcover-browser add-on works beautifully for this version but it adds around 100 MB of ram to Rhythmbox basic RAM grab. Ouch.

I changed major passwords this week. Tested the backup if it works. I tested the new passwords to see if I remember them.

I upgraded Firefox to 25 last night. They fixed some bugs and added stability in flash and java handling. Anyway it’s what I can see and use in my browsing that I’m mentioning here.


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