How To De-Stress Your Subscriber

Dear PLDT Home

It has been 24 days since I applied and paid for your ULTERA wireless offering. Since then I have personally gone to your sales office to inquire the status of my application. I have sent tweets to @pldt_cares and to their defense they have replied in two occasions. One of your support people even called to tell me that they have my payment and asked me what particular plan I want. But that was 13 days ago.

Since then I have been trying to justify the long wait for the install crew to show up and start my upgrade to this plan. Could they have gotten my address wrong? What’s the hold up here? I mean install crews shouldn’t just appear in the right house, the owners, the subscriber has got to be present. Imagine if the tech guys find the house and the only ones answering is bantay and muning.

Then today I received a very thoughtful email from you. The subject of the email is "Health & Fitness Program For Your Computer". How to de-stress your computer by deframentation

I don’t defragment my computer because I use the ext file system in linux. Yes I use Ubuntu linux. No need to deframent and no need for anti-virus programs. No stress. Sad to say that the only stress I get is waiting for your install crew.

When can I expect them to turn up by the way?


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