Fruit Salad 2015

Imee bought the ingredients when she did her weekly marketing today. She’s my little sister. I need buko, shaved to strips; fruit cocktails, sweet evaporated milk and cream.

The buko or coconut meat should be shaved or stripped off. The best ones are soft to touch and easy to strip.  I usually save the juice or coconut water in a jar for later. A coconut costs about 23-25 pesos. I used 3.

I opened the 2 800kg cans of fruit cocktails. Mostly they’re made up of pineapple chunks. Pour it on a bowl. I used a strainer to separate some of syrup. I used a light sweet syrup of fruit cocktails.

At this point pour the evaporated milk and cream into the mix. If you want a very sweet salad use the evaporated milk to your taste.

Happy New Year to all.


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