Extra-Judicial Killing

It seems the new president (Our new president) needs to watch his words and behavior. Now that he is model, father of the nation, executive and chief law enforcer, he must act accordingly. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

The catcalling and the cursing are non-issues to me. I’m more bothered by his announcement that the police officer abducted by the NPA is on his own after a kangaroo court “found” him guilty of drug trafficking. This is coming from the President. Are we now recognizing the NPA courts as legitimate power. Can any citizen now “exercise” his own brand of justice and kill the “guilty” party? Because I know some supporters of the president who “agrees” with extra-judicial killing, I was hoping (perhaps praying) that once the President see with clarity where that will lead to, he will make a blanket position against it.



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