Jumper, Forgotten Password And Arch

Late this afternoon I found time to start solving my little problem. When I installed my operating system I neglected to put my home directory in a separate partition. So after all this months and time configuring it, my data needs a more secure home.

The problem is that I forgot my bios password. I forgot my mobo password and I can’t change the boot sequence for the live media. I need the live media to handle the root filesystem, otherwise any effort at changing the root partition is useless. Luckily i can use the jumper or I can just remove the battery long enough to put it back to its defaults. No but I tried. So instead I bought myself just enough time to get into the bios settings to input new passwords. Then saved it. Reboot. Entered my new password and that did it.

I need to make room for the home partition on lvm. I reduced the filesystem first. I reduced the root-lv freeing some space for the home-lv. Then I make the filesystem for the new logical volume. I then edited fstab. I need to mount /home to the home-lv. All these within an encrypted device.

I’m wondering if I’m better off just installing Archlinux.


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