Like An Archlinux User

Hi Reese

Within a week of using Archlinux, some unique problems came into my attention. I have a full and increasing directory in /var and /usr. It seems pacman cache is already 3 GB and the core dump file is also 3 GB. The core dump is important if you’re looking into application crashes. I decided to trash the core dump. I’m not going into application crash reporting now. I don’t need the pacman cache but in second thought I might want to leave the last instance of that upgraded package.

I am fighting with samba right now. I have followed two instruction threads out there but I can’t make it work in my android device. I can see my shares in my linux machine but not in android.

I finished my first maintenance cycle of my Archlinux life – cleaning out the pacman cache. This link to Archlinux Wiki on the topic will explain it a lot. The default here for me is to leave at least a way to go back if things get out of control. So I am going to be using this:

# paccache -rk 1
##this command will remove all package cache, installed or not, but leave the most recent version just in case.

Of course there’s the trusted pacman command to remove all pacman cache with:

# pacman -Sc [or] # pacman -Scc

I had to manually examine any * and * files in my system. I used the

$ locate {}
##to list all the files with the suffixes

Others suggest an application called ‘meld’ to help with the file comparison. I just copy and paste for now then save the file.


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