WCry Ransomware In The Hands of Criminals and Thieves

Wcry Ransomware infected around 300,000 computers all over the world. Blame is going round and around. The vulnerability or bug taken advantage of by the hackers of this malware has a patch. Microsoft provided the patch last March to users. Not all Windows machines updated and those that forego the update got screwed. Some compared them to the anti-vaccines people. Microsoft pointed its fingers to countrys who are stockpiling bugs like this in order to weaponize them. Much like the dreaded viral diseases and keeping the weak samples in a vault just in case they need to produce vaccines for them. The NSA is preparing for that scenario when nation-states would use them to wage war.

Wcry was stolen. It was stolen by criminals. Now criminals have a weapon of mass destruction. When everything our civilization does depends on computers, this situation sucks. Aaand it’s just starting.


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