Is This The Beginning Of The End For President Donald Trump?

Hearing the word impeachment seriously in an entertainment show will perk up concerned people anytime. Impeachment calls somebody to account and when addressed to the most powerful man in the world, everybody wants to listen.

Last week, beginning with the testimony of Sally Yates, the former assistant attorney general, and definitely not ending with the firing of FBI director James Comey, Donald Trump’s days took a decidedly downward turn. James Comey had been investigating Trump since the US elections of 2016 for his campaign staffs’ connection to the Russians. Sally Yates was apparently fired because she was looking into Trump’s National Security Adviser’s connection to foreign influences. Both were just doing their jobs.

Today, the assistant attorney general appointed Robert Mueller as special prosecutor to investigate the Trump-Russian scandal. President Trump has a formidable challenge in the person of Robert Mueller, a former FBI director and a highly respected member of the president’s own political party. Mueller served as FBI director for as long as J Edgar Hoover.


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