I Don’t Stand With Racists, I Won’t Walk With Bigots

It should be easy to tell which is bad and which is good. They want to exterminate a group of human beings based on race. Anyone who saw the gas chambers and the labor camps and heard testimonies of what the nazis did will recognize evil. It should be easy to denounce anyone who believes what the nazis believe. The nazis hate jews and believe in the aryan racial superiority. World War II was fought because of it.

In a country founded on the principle of equality and freedom, this contrast makes any other perspective untenable. For the leader of such a country to not critically denounce white supremacists and neo-nazis is a failure of historical proportions. How many americans died fighting in Europe to liberate it from Hitler? Instead the de facto leader of the free world, (I’m not referring to Donald Trump) Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, denounced the neo-nazis in the United States. Donald Trump doesn’t deserve a position he clearly doesn’t understand. Donald Trump should be censured by Congress. The United States should be clear to the world it doesn’t stand with racists and bigots.


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