Megasync Desktop Client Broken

I upgraded my Megasync plan from Free to LITE last August 13th. Two days later my megasync client is broken.

sudo] password for donato:
Aug 13 15:30:57 archdesktop megasync.desktop[1528]: libpng error: Not a PNG file
Aug 15 17:13:15 archdesktop megasync[1528]: Error reading events from display: Broken pipe

And when I tried to reinstall it aborted “build” due to permission issues in

Aug 17 18:59:28 archdesktop sudo[28937]: donato : TTY=pts/1 ; PWD=/home/donato/Downloads/builds ; USER=root ;
COMMAND=/usr/bin/pacman -U megasync-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
Aug 17 20:30:17 archdesktop gnome-software-service.desktop[1601]: 12:30:17:0546 As failed to rescan: Failed to parse /usr/share/applications/megasync.desktop file: cannot process file of type application/x-desktop
[donato ~]$

My best guess is this is a corruption in a configuration file. shame. I liked megasync. Now I have to use it in a browser to upload and download files to the cloud storage.


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