User Tips On Evolution Mail 01

First some caveats, GNOME devs are always making changes or adding new things specially in the user interface of GNOME applications. That applies to Evolution Mail.

Do you know that you can navigate by keyboard shortcuts through the various modes of Evolution.
Mail –> Cntrl + 1
Contacts –> Cntrl + 2
Calendar –> Cntrl + 3
Task –> Cntrl + 4
Memo –> Cntrl + 5

Say you’re in Mail now. You want to go to a particular folder. If you’re like me I have 50 folders in total in my 3 email accounts. So all I have to do is just begin typing the first letter of the folder then press ‘Enter’. Say I want to go to ‘Inbox’, once I typed the letter I, the first Inbox folder from the top is highlighted, then press ‘Enter’. This is the reason why I put my most used email account on the top. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to Evolution Preferences –> Mail Accounts. The keyboard shortcut is Cntrl + Shift + S if you’re in the main window. You can use your mouse to drag and drop accounts to reorder them. Putting the most used email account on top means I don’t have to cycle through all the folders with ‘I’ as their first letter. That goes with the folder ‘Drafts’. I type the letter ‘d’ , but say I want to go to the draft folder of my second email account. All I have to do is use the ‘down’ arrow key.

You can also invoke the ‘go to folder’ shortcut. Type Cntrl + G, then use the arrow keys or type the first letter of the folder, then ‘Enter’.

If you want to compose an email, the shortcut is Cntrl + Shift + M. Then you get a window similar to this.

The compose window in Evolution mail presents a familiar set up. Main toolbar at the top, To and Subject fields then formatting options. Text editing window and attachment bar at the bottom.

Evolution Mail is highly configurable. I use HTML by default but you can use text, emojis and change formatting according to your need. You can save emails for editing later. I save my email in drafts on my local folder. You can choose to save them to drafts in your email account, if you want to edit them in another device.

As always in GNOME you can resize any window with the Power button (Window button) + arrow keys. Why don’t you play with it and see the effects.


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