User Tips On Evolution Mail 4

This is the fourth of a series of blog posts on Evolution Mail.

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I happen to like Evolution Mail’s user interface.

The left panel is the email list and the right panel is the email itself. This is the vertical view of the main email window. If you hit the F9 key the email folders are revealed on the left side.

When you want to read emails, go to Mail mode and the keyboard shortcut for that is Cntrl + 1. Make sure the email list is the focus. If you want to view or read the email on its own window, type Cntrl + O. Use the spacebar to move a page down. Use the Backspace key to move one page up. Pressing the spacebar when you are on the last page of the email will move you to the next unread email. These will happen even if the next unread email is on another folder.

Evolution Mail doesn’t download images automatically by default. There are privacy issues in automatically downloading images so use your own judgement. You can download images manually for each email with Cntrl + I.

You can mark emails as read with Cntrl + K. If you want to mark it back as unread just type Cntrl + Shift + K. Okay?

If you want to reply to the current email, type Cntrl + R.

Last but not the least you can always ask a friend in a GNOME desktop environment by invoking the Help key, the F1 key.


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