Current News Items

Nine months into 2017, and the world is still alive. North Korea is marching towards putting a nuclear warhead on its ICBM. Rodrigo Duterte by credible reporting has killed his 13,000 drug addicts and other drug related criminals. Children and by-standers were killed in various operations since he was elected president.

The Republican party is still trying to kill Obamacare or the US healthcare law passed by Obama in his first term.

Hugh Hefner died. He is the founder of the Playboy empire, a business built around the persona of Mr. Hefner.

The siege of the city of Marawi continues. The military has reduced the fighting into a one hectare city property which continues to take soldiers’ lives. The military has been surprised by the locally born and ISIS inspired Mautes. The weapons they have recovered so far are from their own inventory. There are a lot of questions about how these terrorists acquired the bulk of their guns and explosives.

This month’s expenses breached the 32,000 threshold. My food expenses breached the 11,000 for the first time. September has 5 Saturdays which means our market days are five instead of the normal four.

iphone 8, Asus Zenfone 4, Samsung Note 8 are now out and available for orders. I just got some trickling of reports that iphone 8 owners are experiencing splitting open and / or bursting out of their newly bought units. Otherwise, reviews of these products were all positive.

Mexico was hit by two strong earthquakes within 12 days. Both earthquakes registered beyond intensity 7 and occurred near Mexico city. Two big hurricanes occurred this month, one hit Texas from the Gulf Coast and the other hit South Florida from the Atlantic. A third hurricane is rampaging over Cuba as I post this.


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