Changing My RAID Array,Removing A Device To Grow Array Size huh?

See my previous post, on how to remove a device and partitioning.

See my previous post, on how to check status of recovery and rebuilding.

Note that you can still use the array, use the computer, read and save files while the array is recovering. I have this third post because I still want to remove the 1TB block device legacy component of the array. The removal of this smaller size device will increase the array size to 4TB from 3TB. Yup, I removed 1TB but increased the array size by 1TB. The annoying part of using RAID with different size block device is a lot of space is wasted or unused. You can check your RAID configurations in the raid-calculator sites out in the internet.

So I’m trying to fix my RAID by using same size block devices. I don’t want to waste storage space which could amount to half the total raw storage space. Using RAID makes you think about three things: amount of storage available for use, performance and data protection. You have to maximize the configuration on all three fronts.

In this post, I told you I bought two 3TB Seagate hard disks. I might want to partition these into 1TB-2TB partitions and then add them to the array. I am going to be up against my motherboard’s capacity here. I only have 6 SATA connections. I have a fast SSD using one already. I only have five slots for my array devices. I previously removed my optical drive to maximize the SATA connections. I could buy a PCI expansion card if that is actually needed.


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