GnuCash: Switched To The Git Version, Arch Linux

“Teach me how to fish, I will feed my village.”

GnuCash is important to me in a daily basis. Its developers are moving away from webkitgtk with all its vulnerabilities and for now users are experiencing some of the hiccups from the transition from the old to the new stable version. Enough so that Arch removed it from the official repos. We have a few options in the Arch User Repositories. There’s the 2.6.x version which is the old stable version and the 2.7.x version which is the unstable version. The 2.6.x old stable stopped working for me a couple of weeks back. And I want to thank the maintainer for a gallant stand, so to speak, but it’s important to me that work, the show must, go on. Thank you to @Smeidenbacher I learned how to mount a /tmp/source/chroot and use a clean environment to compile packages from source using PKGBUILD scripts. Really useful tool and skill.

[2017-12-04 13:42] [PACMAN] Running ‘/usr/bin/pacman -U /tmp/source/gnucash-gtk3-git/gnucash-gtk3-git-2.7.2.r3.g5204100d5-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz’
[2017-12-04 13:43] [ALPM] transaction started
[2017-12-04 13:43] [ALPM] removed gnucash (2.6.18-4)
[2017-12-04 13:43] [ALPM] installed gnucash-gtk3-git (2.7.2.r3.g5204100d5-1)
[2017-12-04 13:43] [ALPM] transaction completed

I am using the git version of GnuCash (version 2.7.x) as it works for me. I compiled it using @Smeidenbacher’s lessons. If you want to read about his useful lesson as posted by him, and as my post here.


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