Command: lsblk With -fs flag

I have been using lsblk with its default for so long I didn’t know I could find the mountpoint and uuid along with this command.

]$ lsblk -fs
sdb1 LVM2_member Pcb0u3-svqO-y3V5-0hkI-3qkx-Mn0f-HEXjeg
sdc1 LVM2_member M1Cqew-otGb-uzbi-7t2E-lpEa-U1Op-F9zYM2
sdd1 LVM2_member rH12Vh-nWmL-aoau-xQyE-XMWv-kgi1-MMw4Ji
sde1 LVM2_member VzQwtZ-W4e9-LrMU-b2Dr-0Zkj-fp0m-fHt3Kr
vol1-root ext4 7001b658-213a-4047-8919-59f0e81e390d /
└─sdb2 LVM2_member l82sdU-U39d-VNm6-J6PC-UPaP-Q4Fa-v9WWVA
vol1-swap swap e6300eb5-d916-4c53-99c3-bbc0f1ca9339 [SWAP]
└─sdb2 LVM2_member l82sdU-U39d-VNm6-J6PC-UPaP-Q4Fa-v9WWVA
vol1-home ext4 d7af9bad-64c9-4117-9541-169f19d1f7a0 /home
└─sdb2 LVM2_member l82sdU-U39d-VNm6-J6PC-UPaP-Q4Fa-v9WWVA
vol2-Musiclv ext4 503e5a9b-45ea-47ff-b096-d381cc60b2d5 /home/donato/Music
└─sda1 LVM2_member CgKbfB-cB4g-3UXr-6kVO-mgTU-zGYv-woYI8l
vol2-Videoslv ext4 ab9cc94b-a9bd-4e7e-a601-97fba90ba025 /home/donato/Videos
└─sda1 LVM2_member CgKbfB-cB4g-3UXr-6kVO-mgTU-zGYv-woYI8l

I’m editing this in Evolution Email, I had to put some spacebar for the mountpoint column. So I don’t know if it’s obvious to you that this is very helpful.


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